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Re: US foreign policies
Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001, at 01:56:09
In Reply To: Re: US foreign policies posted by jon on Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 15:22:43:

> Well...I do live in Canada, we are not known for having the most conservative media to say the least. I've often felt that Canada - despite our claims of being America's "best friends" - are closer to Europe in our attitudes towards Americans. I was truly disgusted with some of my friends, who on Sept 11 said "yes, its sad, but the US deserved this." I only hope that Europe does help the US as they have said they will, but it remains to be seen if they will follow through.

A serious worry as Europe's response is likely to be driven by Britain. After the Omagha bombing, Tony Blair promised draconian and hard-hitting legislation against Irish terrorists, and insisted that there could be no peace made with terrorists.

Now, he is releasing unrepentant terrorists from jail as quickly as they can fit through the doors, removing Police and military presence from "contested" areas of Ulster (read: areas that would be entirely controlled by terrorists, except for the military presence), and allowing convicted terrorists to serve in the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

All of this is part of a "peace process" that involved the various terrorist groups promising to give up violence, and to decommission their weapons. Since then, there have been a dozen bombs in London, and 50 in Northern Ireland, and the tally of decomissioned weapons stands at 1 (one) pistol, so rusty that it would be more likely to harm the firer than the target.

And yet he continues to keep his half of the bargain.

winter"He used many of the same words when he announced support for the US"mute

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