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Re: Monkey site
Posted By: Don the Monkeyman, on host
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 20:32:57
In Reply To: Re: Monkey site posted by Athaleon on Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 19:55:08:

> > I just stumbled on to Don the Monkeyman's web site. It's very funny if you like rotten fruit and primate pictures. I laughed until my belly ached. (That's a big ache.)You'll have to ask him for the URL. I forgot.

Thanks! I'm glad I was able to bring such enjoyment to a man whose jokes I always get such a kick out of. :-)

> > Now would somebody tell me how a web site is different from a web page and how a web page is different from a home page and how a home page is different from a home site? I'm easily confused.

I have no idea. Ath's definition works, I suppose--I just use whatever terms comes to mind.

> > And while I'm rambling aimlessly, has anybody seen a 49 star US flag lately?
> > Howard
> Yeah, Don's site rules.

Again, thanks. I had no idea that there were actually this many people who liked it. (TWO? Wow...)

A last comment: The link that Athaleon posted is my old website. The most recent news item there contains a link to the new one, but I'll put it here as well. (The only thing that the old one has that the new one doesn't is one news entry, while the new one has several updates to it which are absent from the old.)

Don "Warm Fuzzies" Monkey

Link: The New Web Site