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Re: Thoughts
Posted By: Mousie, on host
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 17:37:21
In Reply To: Re: Thoughts posted by Rob J D on Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 14:23:47:

> > The more fitting analogy is of a guy getting stung by bees from a beehive. First he swats the first bee, then another one comes and he swats it; finally, he destroys the hive. Game over.
> WOW. This is a way to really make enemies quickly. Since humans are thinking beings we see what is going on around and and respond to it. Now you will have made enemies of the ones who are left (the other beehives so to speak) who had nothing to do with this in the first place.
> Let's explore your analogy further: Every one who is stung by a couple of bees destroys the hive. Soon we have shortages of honey and many foods that are pollinated by bees. Then we can create jobs hiring people to go around hand pollinating millions of fruit trees etc. What a boost for the economy. :-P
> Lets take a another look at this analogy. Did your parents tell you to destroy a hive every time you were stung by a bee when you were growing up? I would guess not but who am I to say. I have learned that if I get stung it most likely because I have disturbed the bee and it is protecting itself. So the best way to avoid getting stung is to leave the bee alone.
> Now lets go back to the events of Sept 11. I am not advocating doing nothing to bring those who helped commit these acts to justice. I just think that the slow diplomatic approach showing valid evidence of guilt is the best response. Let's not create anymore reasons for someone to retaliate with another violent attack. Let's also remember that there are many potential reasons for why this act occurred, like 300,000 dead children under the age of 5 in Iraq since the Gulf War. Were they guilty of anything? That doesn't make our nations look completely innocent either.

Maybe we should instead take a look at the definition of "analogy" versus that of "literal." Jeez.

It is beyond my comprehension that people can even allude to the idea that somehow America deserved this or that it was provoked. The whole point of what America as a country, its government as leaders, its citizens as individuals strive for is THE GREATER GOOD. I defy you or anyone to tell me when that purpose wasn't at the heart of what we've done.

(Not feeling quite so) Mousie (at the moment.)