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Posted By: danny wyatt, on host
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 12:15:58

I'm unsure whether everyone here is aware but I'm active in the U.S. Military.

After the obvious circumstances in our country it becomes a necessity for many countries to get involved.

Why, because terrorism affects us all. Many people who died as a result were natives from another country.

Terrorism doesn't only hurt the military or government, but mostly the civilians that reside within that governments country.

I just want everyone to know that any response made to bring justice and to stop terrorism by the u.s. government and military will be great.

I don't like the idea of violence or even that of war- death is just not my thing. Yet I feel that any person in the military, who made the sacrifice to be apart of, will give whatever he has to give to fight back.

I was left stranded for 5 days on an abandoned airforce base because of the incident. Once I heard the details of the news I was pissed and shocked.

Many soldiers I know can't wait to take action, in whatever way. Whether it be here or somewhere else.

My 4 years, in just my presence will be enough to make a good positive difference in this world. For this world and particularly my country.

I'm really joyful that it brought american's together and that other countries are stepping up for the demolition of terrorism.

Terrorism and hate are everything that needs to be stopped in the human race in general. It starts with the small stuff from road rage to hating people because they are different. Whether it's their sexual preference or color.

My point of this posting is to give people faith that something is being done beyond that of rehabilitation within the world. And that civilians along with military can make the difference that this world needs.

Danny"God be with you"Wyatt

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