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Re: head wounds
Posted By: Mousie, on host
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 09:46:12
In Reply To: Re: head wounds posted by Mia on Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 08:55:31:

> > Does anyone else have this problem? After
> > hitting myself rather hard in the head twice in
> > about the last month, I've discovered that
> > despite the extreme pain caused by my
> > stupidity, something about banging my skull
> > causes me to laugh really hard while the tears
> > stream down my face.
> No, I think that's pretty odd.... ;-)
> I've hit my head three times that are worth remembering. And all three times, it hurt so bad I wanted to cry. But I couldn't because I was too dazed to do so.
> I did not, however, laugh.
> Mia

I laugh at injuring myself all the time. I remember being tripped by some kid in school one time and hurting my leg pretty badly. I laughed hysterically, to the point where I couldn't get up for a few minutes. The teacher said, "Gee, I'd hate to see what would happen if her leg were *broken*."

Adrenaline makes you do funny things sometimes.


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