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Re: head wounds
Posted By: Travholt, on host
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 04:54:34
In Reply To: Re: head wounds posted by Brunnen-G on Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 04:18:13:

> It might just be the shock. People react weirdly to shock sometimes (well, reacting weirdly after an injury is pretty much what shock *is*.) A big emotional reaction is pretty common, whether it's crying or laughing or both.

I had an incident (which I'm pretty sure I've told here before, either in the forum or in chat) where I was out on my bike in the dark without a light, went down a narrow, grassy slope and hit a hole in the ground. The bike stopped dead, while I continued forwards (ah, the wonders of inertia), diving over the steering handle, landing on the grass and getting the bike over me. I didn't hurt myself, so my reaction was to laugh myself silly. Some nearby road workers asked if I was okay, commenting: "That was quite a stunt you pulled there!" I guess it must've looked pretty funny.

Trav"didn't have a helmet, either, so I guess I was very lucky"holt