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Re: Birthdays
Posted By: Don the Monkeyman, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 15:09:08
In Reply To: Re: Birthdays posted by Melanie on Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 14:40:18:

> > Well, I just found out in chat that TheOtherMatthew and I have the same birthday. So now I'm wondering who else might share a birthday with me... or with other Rinkies... So, everyone, when's your birthday?
> >
> > ~Mina "November 29, 1980, 6:30am" moon
> November 3, 1984 11:45 am.
> I figured out that every 28 years my birthday would be on a presidential election day, but now I don't know if that is true, because I think it might be on an election year the next time we have one. I figured this out when I was about 12, so consider that I didn't have all the facts. Can someone who is good at math figure out how long I should have to wait, figuring leap years and whatever good junk there is, when my birthday will fall on the first tuesday of the month? I was seven the last time it happened(when Clinton was elected the first time) so figure out how old I'll be too, if you would :)
> Mel"Managed to turn my birthday into a math quiz... I'm good"anie

I'm pretty sure that you are right--28 years, so when you are 35. My reasoning is this: Every year bumps each day forward one day of the week, except leap years, which bump it forward by two. Thus, every four years bump it forward five days. You need the day to be bumped forward a multiple of seven days to be on the same weekday again, so you need the lowest common multiple of 7 and 5, which is 35. However, since the five days come up in four years, you need only 28 years to get to that point.

Don "My most confusing math statement ever. But I'm right, so just trust me." Monkey