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Re: Birthdays
Posted By: Faux Pas, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 06:47:50
In Reply To: Re: Birthdays posted by wintermute on Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 06:37:27:

> > I checked my own birthday at that URL and found I share it with the guy who plays Joey on "Friends". Um.
> >
> > Brunnen-"that's going on the 'things I didn't need to know' list"G
> Coo. I share a birthday with Gene Roddenberry! I don't know about you, but that's cool in my book. I also share a birthday with Jonathon Frakes, which is less cool but still not bad.
> winter"19.08.75"mute

Neat. Gabrielle Reese shares my birthdate. Va-va-voom! Joey Lauren Adams from all the Kevin Smith films was born one year later. Cool! Danny Thomas and Tom Mix were both born on a January 6th.

Several people whose names I don't recognize also died on a January 6th, including someone called "Stainless Stephen", which I would like to enter into the Win A Copy Of SINBAD contest if I hadn't already entered multiple times. Oh, Dizzy Gillespie died on 1/6/93.

On a happier note, each time I celebrate my birthday, Former President George H. W. Bush and Former First Lady Barbara Bush celebrate another wedding anniversary. They were married in 1945.


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