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Re: Birthdays
Posted By: Silverblue Vixen, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 00:12:17
In Reply To: Re: Birthdays posted by Ellmyruh on Tuesday, September 18, 2001, at 21:19:15:

Leave it to me to come to for years and only TONIGHT discover the message forum (you can tell how often I actually perused the entire site, huh?).

Anyway, while I'm here I might as well add my birthday. I turned 18 on Friday the 14th of September... unless you live in America... then I was born on the 13th... I think... Coz like, I was born in Philippines which is a whole day ahead of the East Coast of America which means I was a day ahead of you guys and it was only the 13th there... and... well, who really cares? Except me when I move to America, then I want to change my birthdate just for the fun of it!

What was sad is that a friend of mine turned 18 on 12 September here... which was 11 September there... which was the day it all happened... poor guy...

September is a popular month for birthdays... Must be the Christmas Rush! Hehehe...

Check ya later!

Silverblue Vixen
aka Ellipses Queen...

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