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Re: Thoughts
Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2001, at 01:28:19
In Reply To: Re: Thoughts posted by Rob J D on Monday, September 17, 2001, at 07:07:42:

> > None of the above excuses terrorism of any sort. It must be stopped. And I have news for you: if you kill the terrorists, they cannot continue to cause terror. It's pretty simple.
> >
> And then their friends and neighbors and families have a reason to hate and some of them may start looking for a way to retaliate again.
> My fear is that any actions other than a long slow wait for the justice system to deal with those who had a hand in this will result in more bloodshed. And someone somewhere will want to avenge that and the cycle will continue.

The Taliban has now declared jihad against America rather than hand over bin Laden. Waiting for justice can now be no more than inaction. Much as I would wish it were otherwise, there cannot now be a peaceable solution. We can't bring bin Laden to trial without forcibly removing him from Afganistan.

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