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Re: Alex Zanardi
Posted By: julian, on host
Date: Monday, September 17, 2001, at 01:26:02
In Reply To: Alex Zanardi posted by Zarniwoop on Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 05:17:39:

> Alex Zanardi, a former Formula 1 racing driver, has lost both his legs in a crash. Zanardi was leaving the pit lane when he spun and was hit by Alex Tagliani coming down Start/Finish at 200mph.
> The accident happened at the Lautzisring in Germany. Zanardi was driving in ChampCars at the time, and following his accident was taken to hospital in Berlin, where both his legs were amputated above the knee. See link for more information.

After having seen the crash on TV, I'm surprised there was anything left to amputate. That was one ugly incident. He's lucky to be alive at all: If his car had spun slightly further, it would've been a 200mph T-bone.