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Re: Doing time behind bars
Posted By: Brunnen-G, on host
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001, at 21:53:37
In Reply To: Re: Doing time behind bars posted by Grishny on Friday, September 14, 2001, at 08:07:46:

> In support, I can't truly say I know how you feel,
> but I do know what it's like to have to work in a
> stinky job with unpleasant working conditions
> in order to put oneself through school. This is
> somewhat similar to what you're doing. You
> can't really get the job you *want* while you're
> in training for it, can you?
> All I can say is, hang in there. We're all pulling
> for you. Keep your stick on the ice.

Oh, I wasn't complaining or looking for support (though it's nice that I got it anyway). I was just describing my impressions of the job. I'm there because I want to be. It's also nice to know I'm there for a good reason, unlike all my previous jobs which have just been for the sake of earning an income.

Brunnen-"I can give it up any time I like"G

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