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three minutes silence....
Posted By: Liz, on host
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001, at 11:14:50

I realised how important silence is today.

At 11:00am, pretty much the whole of Europe stood still today to think of the monstrous, monstrous events in New York and Washington. I have always thought that a moment of silence was a good idea but I don't think I really thought about why we were doing you know what I mean? There is always a silence in November 11th at 11:00 to mark when the war ended and there was a silence when Princess Diana was killed but today I really understood it.

I really wanted a moment to properly think about the terrible time that so many people are going through...even in my little village in East Anglia I have a friend who used to work in the World Trade Centre and who lost hundreds of work colleagues. Something like this changes the way we think and it has really affected me. So I shut up the shop that I am minding for a week, took the phone off the hook and sat and thought. I have said in previous posts that all I can do is pray and while I still do this, I hope that in the three minutes of silence that millions of people observed, it will do something to show a sense of togetherness and unity- something that is terribly important in the coming months.


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