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Re: Doing time behind bars
Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001, at 04:06:37
In Reply To: Doing time behind bars posted by Brunnen-G on Friday, September 14, 2001, at 03:52:30:

> It seems rather trivial to be posting about my new job, but I have this feeling that going on with things as usual, right now, counts as some sort of moral victory.

Yeah. Life goes on.

> I've been in my new job for a month now. (Summary of past events: I went from a US$35/hr job contracting to Microsoft to a US$5/hr job working on a ferry boat. On purpose. If I can stick with it for a year I'll have enough logged sea time to sit exams for a commercial captain's license and run my own charter yacht.)

Heh. Leaving Microsoft should be enough of a reason to take a pay cut :)

> Brunnen-"why on earth am I still online, I need to get up at 4am tomorrow"G

winter"because you love us so much?"mute