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Re: Today is a great day to be an American.
Posted By: Del Castro, on host
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001, at 00:00:56
In Reply To: Re: Today is a great day to be an American. posted by Sentry on Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 12:02:20:

no, this is mainly a terrorist attack, and that is the major problem. This isn't a war againsed a country, like the Vietnam war, it's a war againsed a group of terrorists, which makes the whole thing much more difficult.

too many people believe that america is invincible. It is very strong, it is almost unbeatable, but it is not invincible. In a full blown war, America would win. But this is no ordinary war, we're fighting terrorists, underground organisations, with "cells" hidden all around the world, even in america.

it's these hidden cells which allow the terrorists to bomb buildings, without anyone needing to enter the country. If one of these cells are taken out, another one can be built in it's place. The people here put their country before their lives, any number of lives, while in the free world lives are much more important and must be spared at all costs. This is one fact which makes them a very difficult target.

The fact is that America will have trouble. I'm not saying they won't come out victorious, these terrorist organisations are like chickens, take out the head, and the rest of the body runs around like, well a headless chicken. Bombing will not work, more security will not work, greater technology will not work, the only thing America needs to triumph is to improve it's intelligence, and more importantly, shut their mouths about what they are going to do.

I couldn't believe when I heard, on CNN (broudcast live over here in Australia) the presenter saying that they had a warrant to search some house in florida. What happened to keeping quiet? How can you expect these people to still be there after you just told the world what you're doing? I hate to say, but USA needs to learn from other countries, britain, Australia, etc. the more defensive, quiet countries. America believes themselves to be invincible when they aren't.

That's just my two cents. Feel free to argue with me

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