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Re: Today is a great day to be an American?
Posted By: Philbee, on host
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 14:33:46
In Reply To: Re: Today is a great day to be an American. posted by Eric Sleator on Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 11:13:12:

> > I wish there was some way we could come out of
> > this without killing any innocent people on the
> > other side of the globe, but . . . there isn't
> How do you come to that conclusion? It's highly unlikely that it was done by a country as a military act. The highest probability is that it was a group of terrorists.
> -Eric Sleator
> Thu 13 Sep A.D. 2001

Even if it was a country, why should there be collateral damage involved? It should be possible (if the US is to make a responsible decision) to simply knock out military bases, weapons dumps etc...surely the aim of the US is not to bomb whichever country is responsible to hell and back? Stop me if I'm wrong here, but it doesn't sound very mature or responsible to take revenge by killing a large number of civilians because many American civilians were killed.

Phil-"That's only my thoughts...the military probably think differently"-bee