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Re: Signs of intelligent life
Posted By: Jezzika, on host
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 07:27:42
In Reply To: Signs of intelligent life posted by T on Wednesday, September 12, 2001, at 12:43:48:

> I have never posted here before but I wanted to say what a nice change it was to read a message forum where people were not jumping to conclusions and calling for the death/eradication of an entire religious group/race based on the actions of a still undetermined few. Guess I know what message board I will be turning to in the future. Thank you!

This is the only board on which I have not been called a "bleeding-heart moron" because I'm not being hateful. One man said I should "go hug [my] bunny and keep pretending nothing happened," (????). Unfortunately, it seems that "bomb em' all" is a widespread opinion.

So I'm sticking with Rinkworks as far as this subject goes, because the other boards just make me angry.

--Jez"hugging my bunny and sucking my thumb"zika