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When Tragety Befalls the World....
Posted By: Kaz!, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2001, at 13:30:54

Just when I think that the world isn't really that bad a place...a few people have to come and ruin it for the rest of us.

From what I've heard so far, 4 planes were hijacked. One hit each of the World Trade Towers, one hit the Pentagon, and one hit near Camp David. Camp David is supposedly okay, the Pentagon took a some damage on the West side but nothing really critical, but the Twin Towers....both of them have been completely destroyed.

Now, I've heard that an estimated 50000 people work in those towers on an adverage day. That's more then most cities. A large number got out, but many were still trapped in the buildings when they came down. From what I last heard, the death toll was estimated at over 10000 people. 10000. I can't even imagine that kind of a death toll. For comparison, the attack on Pearl Harbor took the lives of 2403 people. This is more then four times that amount. This is...surreal. And even though I'm fairly certain that I don't closely know anyone who was injured or killed (though I do know some people in the area, and pray they're alright), I still feel a huge amount of loss and greif. It is indeed a sad day.

It's obvious that whoever was behind this had no concern for the sanctity of life. The majority of those who died weren't even military personal...just normal, civilians at work. To kill tens of thousands of innocents in an attempt to destroy the economic power of the United States...I simply can not understand what type of person could do such a thing, or why.

What's really scary though is that now the world seems to be on the brink of war....just about every country has mobalized and raised defenses in one way or another. And though the superpowers of the world aren't pitted against each other, with so much militarization around the globe, it's scary to think of what might happen if something went wrong or if there was an 'accident'. Just by the sheer power that can be unleashed at a moments notice in the modern world, we do indeed have to power of total annahilation. We have witnessed that what can take years to build can be destoyed in minutes...hopefully we shall not witness it again.

And even though I'm not sure how much it will help, I will pray. I will pray for the estimated 10000 who have died today, and hope they have found peace. I will pray for their families and friends, and hope they can find the strength within themselves to move on with life. And I will pray for the entire world as well: may we find the strength to build again what we have lost. For even in a tragety such as this, there is great hope. From the dust and debris, we can rebuild even better. And with so many countries of the world now allied against these incredibly horrid acts, hopefully there may come a time not where we build strong enough to withstand such attacks, but so that there will never be a need.


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