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Re: Cadbury's Flake Out.
Posted By: Matthew, on host
Date: Thursday, August 30, 2001, at 04:02:30
In Reply To: Re: Cadbury's Flake Out. posted by Wolfspirit on Wednesday, August 29, 2001, at 20:56:06:

> Sounds good. Apparently, 'TimeOut' is a Flake bar between two wafer biscuits, and 'Twirl' is a Flake bar coated with a thin layer of chocolate.

About as spot on as anyone could ever want to be.

> Flake itself is marketed as a crumbly, flakey kind of milk chocolate that was targetted to... adults. I suppose that might explain the overt reduction in sugar content. ;-)

Flakes are famous for two reasons. One, the adverts. They used to show that eating a Flake is some sort of sexual experience that can only be matched by having an overflowing bubble bath and a lizard crawling on your telephone. The phone lizard is one of the most well-known images in advertising.

Two, the "99." The height of ice cream technology. Take a normal soft whippy ice cream in a cone, and then STICK A FLAKE IN IT. It was like a little Christmas every time.


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