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Re: Chocolate Around the World.
Posted By: Wolfspirit, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2001, at 23:15:00
In Reply To: Chocolate around the world. posted by Faux Pas on Tuesday, August 28, 2001, at 10:25:47:

> > Don "Based on a discussion I had with Sosiqui once, I suspect that Canada is more like Europe than the US when it comes to Cadbury" Monkey
> It seems that M&M/Mars, Nestles, and Hersheys are the big ones in the American market. Over in Ireland, it seemed that Cadbury and Nestles had the top spots.
> -Faux "funny how everything comes back to food" Pas

It's strange, isn't it? :-)

All right. I really had no idea of what I've been missing in the chocolate world until I tried to find which confectionery manufacturers were making the stuff in Sam's candy bar list (2426.shtml). And I didn't know that Riesens -- which I've never seen in Canada -- were made in Germany, not the States...


¤ / / Three Musketeers (?), M&M's, Mars Bars, Twix, Milky Way, Snickers, Starburst, Skittles, Bounty, Maltesers, Dove


¤ Smarties, KitKat, Aero, Coffee Crisp, Mirage bars, Nestle's Crunch, Rolo, Big Turk, Mint Royale, Turtles, Butterfinger, Mackintosh Toffee, Flipz, After Eight, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand

¤ Willy Wonka's (Nerds, Gobstoppers, Jelly Tots, Fun Dip, Runts, Sweetarts, Oompas, Spelly Jellies)

¤ Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream


¤ HERSHEY'S Bites, Hershey's Kisses, JOLLY RANCHER Lollipops, REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Duds, Payday, Whoppers, Almond Joy and Mounds, York peppermint patties, Twizzlers, 5th Avenue, REESE's NutRageous

STORCK Germany

¤ RIESEN's Chocolate Caramel Chews

LINDT Switzerland

¤ LINDOR dark chocolate bars, and a whole bunch other stuff I've never tried like the Excellence and Blue Range tablets

TOBLERONE Switzerland

¤ Milk chocolate, dark, and white chocolate molded in triangular peaks. Filled Toblerone, and Toblerone Pralinés.


¤ Astros, Boost, Bournville, Dairy Milk, Cadbury's Caramel, Creme Eggs, Crunchie, Double Decker, Flake, Fry's Chocolate Cream, Fuse, Marble, Milk Tray, Miniature Heroes, Picnic, Roses, Time Out, Turkish Delight, Twirl, Wicked, Wispa.

¤ "Miniature Heroes" is a tub filled with mini-bars of: Twirl, Caramel, Picnic, Dairy Milk, Boost, Fuse, TimeOut, Crunchie, Flake.

And why are all the Flake, TimeOut, and Twirl bars produced in Dublin?

CABDURY'S NEW ZEALAND (Specialty Confectionery)

¤ Cherry Ripe, SnowFlake, Moro (probably Boost), Pinky, Lunas (i.e. Astros), Jaffas (by Pascall Confectionery, distributed by Cadbury), After Dinner Mints, Kiwi Royale, Milk Tray, Roses, Scorched Almonds

¤ Dairy Milk, Breakaway, Black Forest, Country Fudge, Caramello Chunky, Cashew Nut, Coconut Rough, Cadbury Dream, Honey Nougat, Cadbury Peppermint, Cadbury Turkish Delight, Chocolate Afghan, Crunch, Energy, Fruit & Nut, Marble, Rocky Road.

I'm not even going to mention New Zealand's Cadbury's "Buzz Bar," "Chocolate Fish," "Peppy Chew," and "Mega Perky Nana"...

Wolf "Chocolate Turkish Delight?" spirit

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