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Re: Blah blah blah, writing, blah blah blah.
Posted By: dingdong, on host
Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2001, at 08:05:27
In Reply To: Blah blah blah, writing, blah blah blah. posted by Quartz on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, at 14:37:28:

> Basically, the thing is this: I've been thinking about having some of my characters in my stories use swear words from time to time.

Tricky one, hey?
Now I feel there are two sides to this coin.
1. A character, whether it is one you are writing, or acting (because the same argument has come up in acting circles that I've been a part of), needs to be defined as either a separate entity, or as an extension of your own personality. Personally, I feel the latter is more correct myself, but that is a decision that you have to make. There are things I've done, and words I've used as an actor, that I would never be part of in real life. When I write, a lot of the characterisation comes from myself, however, the characters I create are not me. And they need to be true to themselves, however I create them. And if that means they swear, then they swear.

2. However, after saying that, my second point revolves around you, the author. You have to remain true to yourself. And if you don't feel comfortable doing something, don't do it.

You don't need to add profanity to make a story feel more realistic. The ring of truth will be there, or it won't. That is the trap that so many screenwriters and novelists fall into, and it has always been a common trend. If the writing is good, it's good. If it isn't, it isn't.

ding"blabbing on yet again"dong