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Re: Blah blah blah, writing, blah blah blah.
Posted By: Den-Kara, on host
Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2001, at 19:47:49
In Reply To: Blah blah blah, writing, blah blah blah. posted by Quartz on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, at 14:37:28:

> I've talked this over with my mom, and she doesn't like the idea. We're going to ask my dad's opinion later. I just wanted to see how the people here would think of it.

As a writer myself, I have dealt with this problem on more than one occasion. I asked my parents a few months ago if they thought it would be okay if I used words like "damn" and "hell" in my story, using them as swear words. Neither of them thought it was a good idea. My dad's opinion on the matter is that "if you write it, you may as well be saying it. People are going to think that, because you swear in your writings, that you swear as well, and that's sending a mixed message." I dunno...I used to swear (in 8th grade, mind you), but since I stopped, it seems terribly dirty to even THINK about swearing, in fiction stories or otherwise. Cuz if you write a swear word, obviously you're thinking it, and isn't thinking of bad things the same as doing or saying them? In youth group a few weeks ago, for example, someone was talking about how if you think about doing "certain things" with someone, you're pretty much "raping them with your mind." His words, not mine. Does that make sense? That's pretty much why I don't incorporate swearing into my writings.

~Den-"thinks there are more intelligent ways of getting your point across than by swearing"Kara