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Re: Space Giants
Posted By: joshu, on host
Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2001, at 07:22:09
In Reply To: Re: Space Giants posted by L.M. on Monday, January 15, 2001, at 18:08:06:

> > > > Can you (or anyone) remember the name of that old live action giant-robot show that featured three robots named Goldar, Silvar and Gam, who turned into rockets? They had some old guru advisor (creator?) whose name, I think, was Methuselah. They were always fighting off giant monsters sent to conquer Earth by this ugly galactic conquistador-type. I think the name of the show was "Space Giants", or something like that. This goes all the way back to around 1980, I think--anyone else remember it?
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> > > Wow! You mean there's three people who remember this show? My friend and I couldn't remember the names of the robots.
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> > > It had a kid with a whistle who could summon the giant robot/rockets, right? I remember watching the show on WGN back in the late '70s. I don't remember much aside from the whistle, the robots living in some sort of cave/volcano thing, and a car that had wings sliding out of the roof, then it took off flying in the air. I remember thinking how neat the car/plane was.
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> > > Just checked over at -- scant information, but they date the show as done in 1967. It aired in the US in the late 70s, early 80s on WGN out of Chicago.
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> > > I seem to recall that it was on right around the time Ultraman was on and something called "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot", yet another Japanese Giant Robot with Kid Sidekick Defending the Earth from Alien Monsters show. This one could make a burning X appear before him that shot out to hit the bad creature.
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> > > -Faux "Wow! All that and Star Blazers, too!" Pas
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> > Yeah I remember this show!! It showed at Channel 44 in Chicago area I believe around 70's. I couldn't remember the name of the station, but it was independent affiliate. This channel no longer there now replaced with Spanish tv show. The opening theme kept going around in my head sometimes when I think about those old shows.
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> > - Bob
> yeah, the name of the show was space giants. the three robots were named goldar, silvar and gam. their old benfactor was named methuselah. the boy with the whistle was named miko mura, his father was a reporter named tom mura. miko would whistle once for gam, twice for silvar and three times for goldar. these robots made their home beneath a volcano, mt. olympus (mt. olympus, in japan!!!). the name of their inter-galactic foe was rodak. rodak had ninja like henchmen called lugu men that would turn into a kind of bue slush when they were shot by either of the robot's head lasers. rodak vowed to bring 50 monsters to the earth in order to destroy it. goldar, who was 50 feet tall would desroy all of them one by one. it was a good show but why was silvar and gam normal sized when goldar was 50 feet tall?

HAH< I can't believe I found the name of this show, I used to whatch it as a kid 5, yrs old. I'm glad somebody remembered it, the images from it were torturing me, I couldn't remember the name just the situation. Thanks guys!

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