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Re: my CD playlist
Posted By: dingdong, on host
Date: Thursday, February 1, 2001, at 08:53:43
In Reply To: Re: my CD playlist posted by Don the Monkeyman on Wednesday, January 31, 2001, at 13:52:33:

> >
> > Not that this is relevant to RinkWorks, but
> > I thought I'd post the top 5 CDs that have
> > been in my CD player most frequently in the
> > last few days:
> >
> > Anyone else?
Alright, you asked for it.

Powderfinger, "Odyssey Number 5"
Soundtrack, "Annie"
Radiohead, "Kid A"
Blur, "The Best Of"
Foo Fighters, "There is Nothing Left to Lose"

I have an unusually broad taste in music, everything from rock to pop to classical.

ding"music is life"dong

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