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Re: my CD playlist
Posted By: Travholt, on host
Date: Thursday, February 1, 2001, at 06:09:12
In Reply To: Re: my CD playlist posted by Don the Monkeyman on Wednesday, January 31, 2001, at 13:52:33:

It seems like I'm one of very few jazz people around here...

1) "The World of Contemporary Jazz Groups"
A "sampler" CD from GRP, with Chick Corea, Gary Burton (w/Pat Metheny), Spyro Gyra, Brecker Brothers, Yellowjackets, Special EFX and more...
Just bought that one from a used CD shop. There are a few "gems" in there, the rest is OK.

2) Pat Metheny: "Secret Story"
Many tunes inspired by Asian folk music, but done in a "Methenian" way. Accompanied by The London Orchestra, Nana Vasconcelos a.o. Toots Thielmans is there, too. This is one CD I recommend to everyone.

3) Lisa Ekdahl "sings Salvadore Poe"
I got this CD for Christmas from my ex-girlfriend. You Americans probably don't know Lisa Ekdahl at all. She's a Swedish artist, and this is her first English CD. Maybe you know her husband, Salvadore Poe? They married a few years ago, and now she's singing his stuff. It's bossanova style, very nice and kind of "easy listening".

4) Jon Eberson Group: "Jive Talking, Visions and Other Stories"
A "best of" CD with a Norwegian jazz group, starring Sidsel Endresen, which is a world famous (female) jazz singer. Maybe you've heard the song "Jive Talking"...?

5) The Brand New Heavies: "Dream Come True - the best of the acid jazz years"
I'm a bit into funk these days, too, and found this one while browsing through the funk/r'n'b-section in a music store, and listened to it a bit. It's kinda cool.

Trav"surprised if anyone here has heard of more than two of the above CDs"h"and even more surprised if anyone here actually *owns* one of them"olt

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