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Re: BAM scripts
Posted By: Ayako, on host
Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2000, at 01:27:05
In Reply To: BAM scripts posted by Stephen on Monday, August 24, 1998, at 18:25:18:

> Anyone interested in posting their own attempts at a BAM script up here?

The Collective Works of Mercedes Lackey

Teenaged Lead:
I have so much more common sense than the adult peasants around me. I will spend a chapter or two explaining this in my head.

(A crises forces Teenaged Lead to run away from home.)

Teenaged Lead:
Now that I'm away from that stuffy place, I will make lots of friends and become a great warrior/mage/bard, and save the day when evil happens.

(Teenaged Lead DOES, and they all live happily ever after.)

Aya"Do people still come back and read these old posts?"ko

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