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Re: Rinkworks is silly!
Posted By: Darien, on host
Date: Friday, April 28, 2000, at 11:05:01
In Reply To: Re: Rinkworks is silly! posted by Sam on Friday, April 28, 2000, at 10:39:57:

> > "I Think," is very good, isn't it? Of course, everyone likes the BaM...and I like to "At-A-Glance Film Reviews,"...
> Stephen, I liked you better back when you were a gushing fan boy and shameless flatterer. Being Supreme Dictator has gone to your head and made you all agitated and miserly.

Nah, he was like that to begin with, you see. He was just cunningly *pretending* to be a gushing fan-boy so he could worm his way into your confidence, infiltrate the site, and set himself up as supreme bus-boy and after-hours waiter (or whatever it is).

Unlike me. I was whiny and annoying from the get-go. :-}