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Re: Rinkworks is silly!
Posted By: Nyperold, on host
Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000, at 15:40:17
In Reply To: Re: Rinkworks is silly! posted by Stephen -Captain Wacky- Keller on Wednesday, August 19, 1998, at 23:56:04:

> > > No, just kidding. I think it rules.
> No, it silly. Well, some of it is. I cite "I Think," "Crazy Libs," and some of the "Book-A-Minute," condensations.
> > I favorite part is "I Think", I think. Although Brain Food is really good too.
> "I Think," is very good, isn't it? Of course, everyone likes the BaM (I hereby deem BaM the standard acronym for "Book-A-Minute," as B-a-M is annoying to read/type and B-M or BM won't do at all) section, right? Of course, "Brain Food," rules too, and I like to "At-A-Glance Film Reviews," (mainly for their wide coverage of bad movies).
> -Stephen Keller, and the evil gnomes that live in his head.

It's silliness is what I like about it.

And by now, IABBBBM for all bad movies, all the time, RinkChat, with its own silly elements, for almost real-time conversations, and the list goes on...