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Re: Hi! (10,000+ posts later)
Posted By: ladadadada, on host
Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2000, at 16:54:26
In Reply To: Re: Hi! (10,000+ posts later) posted by Marvin on Wednesday, November 3, 1999, at 20:41:11:

> Just for historical sakes, I went to the first post on the forum. And it seems...basic.
> Mar "Greetings from posts far into the future" vin

I saw that there were *94* pages and I was amazed. I went to the first one, we are now up to 15,000+ posts. I have only known about rinkworks since the start of 1999 and only made my presence known in the last week or so.

Any way, I think that posts this far back are cool.

lada(also sending greetings from the future)dada