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Re: You Think
Posted By: Spider-Boy, on host
Date: Thursday, December 9, 1999, at 20:27:12
In Reply To: Re: You Think posted by Mel on Thursday, December 9, 1999, at 19:23:30:

> > Here's an idea for a thread here. How about you
> > telling me what *You* Think, in the "I Think" tradition?
> >
> > What other freakish musings can we come up with?
> I once read somewhere that fiction books should all be loosely autobiographical. It seems to me that if that were really the case we would have a heckuva lot more books about authors than we have now.
> -M"not freakish, just a musing"el

I think Boondoggel is a cool sounding word, it's one of those words that makes you a little bithappy when ever you say it. Go on try. There, wasn't that nice?