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Re: Early Years low scores
Posted By: lelo14, on host
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2012, at 20:29:14
In Reply To: Re: Early Years low scores posted by beavinator on Thursday, May 17, 2012, at 20:39:24:

Okay, I'll give it a think and e-mail you on those two.
You have solved a lot more of the games than I have.

> > I see that you have gotten some new personal lows, I'd be happy to give a hint to bring some of them down lower. Post your request on the hints board.
> I thought about doing that, but I don't really know of any specific questions to ask. For every game I've attempted to optimize so far, I feel like I've tightened up every possible thing I can think of. Not sure where to start asking what I might have missed. Plus there's the issue of spoilers. Lelo, it looks like you have 8 moves on me in Fantasy Quest, and 5 in Brackly Hall. By all means, email me at if you have any particulars you think I'm likely to have missed.
> By the way, I just got second place on Trail of Anguish. 8 moves over the author of the game is pretty good in my book. :) I imagine most of my extra moves are due to the near impossibility of optimizing most of the professors' tasks. I just had to fudge that part. I don't think I will be doing Akumos or SS. I started an attempt on Akumos and it just seemed far too I accidentally deleted my notes halfway through. Boo.

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