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Re: SS: mana mushrooms
Posted By: starfish42, on host
Date: Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 01:40:43
In Reply To: SS: mana mushrooms posted by starfish42 on Saturday, April 24, 2010, at 01:10:36:

Ok, I got past the guy...but I'd still like to see a version where the mushrooms could be used on this kind of action scene! I get stuck at them in every game that has them, and they're probably the only thing I'd actually want to use the mushrooms for.

> I tried for ages to get the guy in the cellar to give me what I wanted, but to no avail. Then I tried using a mana mushroom, but I couldn't, so I figured that I was on the wrong track. But I can't figure out anything else to do, and it occurred to me to wonder if mana mushrooms can even be used to solve this kind of puzzle. If not, I would be a bit sad, as these "pick the right sequence of actions" puzzles have always been really difficult for me. Can someone at least tell me whether I should keep persevering to find the one sequence I haven't tried yet?
> Inventory:
> 10 Carrots
> 1 Metallic Arc
> Club
> Metal File
> Torch
> 2 Frog Figurines
> 1 Rubber Glove
> Crowbar
> Rusty Key
> Tower Keys
> 1 Jujurr Pit
> Black Boots
> Fancy Clothes
> Secret Book
> Tree Branch
> 5 Mana Mushrooms
> Busted Flute
> Glass Vial
> Toothbrush
> Vancryl Robe

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