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SS, stuck wandering the land
Posted By: pleeli, on host
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010, at 12:14:59

I'm really not sure what to do next. I've tried to look around the well but I have no light. The fisherman refuses to help me because I have no teeth to give him. I can't pry the spear from the guards hands and I don't even know if I need it. I've tried to get into the couple houses I've encountered multiple times with no luck. I tried to see if the little creature wanted my fish but there was no option. I'm wondering if someone could nudge me in the direction of something I could try to get moving again.

100 Carrots
5 Mana Mushrooms
Busted Flute
Glass Vial
1 Frog Figurine
1 Rubber Glove
Tower Keys
1 Jujurr Pit
Black Boots
Fancy Clothes
Secret Book
Tree Branch

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