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Re: fq1 please
Posted By: jingy, on host
Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009, at 21:20:05
In Reply To: fq1 please posted by theobjectlesson on Saturday, March 14, 2009, at 19:43:53:

> I've got the:
> Sack
> Branch
> Shovel
> Bow
> Ticket
> Carrot
> Silver Key
> Scroll
> Arrow
> Jeweled Dagger
> Rope
> Gold Key
> Hammer
> Fishing Pole
> Sunstone
> Hook
> Sword
> Nails
> Club
> I've given the soothsayer three gold coins so far and all I got is this lousy veiled nonsense advice. I feel like I've helped and/or killed everyone, but I still can't get into either fortress.

a bit more information would help. the most resent things you've done/tired/been stuck at.

but guessing based on your list and what you did say; I'd assume you have made it through the garden maze/past the cat. if you've gotten into at least the entry way of that castle but can't get past the guard, then maybe try giving him something that will distract him...

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