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Murkon's Refuge (general questions)
Posted By: jingy, on host
Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009, at 07:53:22

I've been playing now and then for a while now. but am still rather early in the game
my characters are only level 16, and am currently using the level 4 town as "home base". (but I've already figured out the "trick" to getting through the next couple levels)

and I've wondered a few things...

are assassins really worth the class switch? (i.e; what makes them better then knights)

Should my "melee" members also have a decent amount of spells unlocked?

my current team is 2 Knights, 1 Rogue, 1 Druid, 1 Sorceress & 1 Wizardess. am I in serious need of some re-classing/training?

and if I give my all/most my characters some re-classing(1 or 2 at a time), how many hours of play would I be looking at before getting them back up to "usable" levels?

and a side note: my first time in the level 4 town there was a sword for sale that I didn't have the money for, "blade of power". I've come to realize it was a rare item, I missed out on a rather rare chance to get one so early in the game didn't I?

(I ask these things, because after browsing a few old posts, and getting a mild "glimpse of the future" I've begone to realize my original plan for the game was less then the best...)

ok, I know I asked a lot there, but any general ideas/opinions/suggestions would be welcome. thanks.

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