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Re: fantasy quest 2 - need help please
Posted By: jingy, on host
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, at 21:14:51
In Reply To: fantasy quest 2 - need help please posted by kemian on Tuesday, February 24, 2009, at 09:18:15:

> Im at a loss here. im sure ive missed something obvious but i cant seem to find what.
> i have
> 5 onions
> sack
> silver key
> bucket of sea water
> 2 tree branches
> small silver coin
> float ring
> iron support
> several things i cant work out -
> how to get rid of the cat in the gardens
> how to get past the cyclops
> i cant find how to get through either of the gates(for enchanted forest and down the slope of the volcano) - with this i also broke my huge ladder trying to climb over - hope i didnt need this again?
> and what(if anything) the stone troll on the bridge is for?
> if anyone can point me in the right direction for any of these would be lovely thanks
> kemain

if the cat in the garden your stuck on is the flat cat, then my tip is tick it off and lead it away to try different options in different areas. you may have to go a bit farther then you expect.

the cyclops weakness is his most prominent feature. but you're still missing something you'll need (think gilligan's island type head trauma). and you'll need to do a couple things in a certain order, but you already have some on one item you should need.
(flat cat must be dealt with first if I recall)

the troll is a left over from FQ1, but that old foe will will help you deal with new ones when the time is right. (you're far from that point though)

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