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(Unofficial) Rinkworks MiniQuiz
Posted By: Stephen, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 2, 1998, at 01:42:39

Okay, inspired by Sam, I'm going to give my own mini-Rinkworks quiz, simply based on the fact that I consider myself a loyal reader, and I did pretty poor on Sam's...

1. What was the first reader question on the site journal?

2. How many people responded to this reader question?

3. Which came first: Filmmaker's Exam or BAM Bedtime?

4. How many movie reviews (approximately) does At-A-Glance Film Reviews boast on the main Rinkworks page?

5. Name 3 people involved with the creation of the content on Rinkworks (Reader content not included).

I enjoy quizzes. Wait, I've got a Math quiz tomorrow. I hate quizzes.

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