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Ultimate Bot Tournaments: Tournament #4

Session Schedule

Important Note: These transcripts contain a telling of my novel, The Mystery of Paradise Island. They will, therefore, spoil the novel for you. Click here for more information about the novel. In particular, note the page on the origin of the story.

Also: If you want to read these transcripts for the story and don't care about the bot games, here is an alternate version of these transcripts with the bot games edited out.

Session Date Time Bots Transcript
1 Monday, 2/4/08 9:30pm Male Auditions, BlitzBot View
2 Tuesday, 2/5/08 9:30pm Female Auditions, BlankBot View
3 Wednesday, 2/6/08 9:30pm BingoBot, WordBot, StateBot, CuteBot View
4 Friday, 2/8/08 9:30pm SearchBot, AcroBot, MoleBots View
5 Monday, 2/11/08 9:30pm VocaBot, CaptionBot, WhoBot View
6 Wednesday, 2/13/08 9:30pm MathBot, CrackBot, StackBot View
7 Friday, 2/15/08 9:30pm MovieBot, SnagBot, ChainBot, BuzzBot View
8 Monday, 2/18/08 9:30pm MatchBot, CamouFairyBot, CountBot View
9 Wednesday, 2/20/08 9:30pm LetterBot, LineBot, BibleBot View
10 Friday, 2/22/08 9:30pm CountryBot, JumbleBot, PicMatchBot View

Also, here is Sam's afterword, summing up the tournament.

All times are given in RinkChat server time (EST/EDT).