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Petal by petal
Pale in the
Pre-dawn light
She unfolds
Perfuming the air
With the slight scent
Of trust.
Her heart
Takes patience to reach
Is not taken lightly
At the first sign
Of disinterest
She shuts.
As petals open
The dust of emotions
Long untouched
Powders the ground
And she sneezes,
From the presence of pain.
As she reopens
Her wounds
Begin to heal
Under a forgiving eye
And each petal
Opens more easily
Than the last
With the sunrise
The last golden-pink petal
Folds back.
What is found there
Is not what is expected
There is much darkness
To be removed
Sifted through
Burning the outer petals
It happens to touch
But once gone
She shines.
The flower is not perfect
A few parts are dying
and she trembles
Threatening to close
At the slightest provocation
But after long wait
She is open
And in the purple blush
Of early morning
That is beauty enough.

Lynette Yorgey


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