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Life isn't easy
Oh, I suppose I don't have to tell you that
Yes, I know your life has been hard
Yes, I know you've had your problems
Yes, I know you think they were worse than mine
But for once
Just for once
Couldn't you listen to me?
No, I don't even want your advice
I don't want to know what you would do
I just want you to listen
And let me cry, if I need to
Hold me close
Tell me that it'll work out
Even if it might not
And that you'll be praying
Because sometimes
Someone listening makes it a lot better
Even if the problem isn't solved
And if you don't listen
Eventually I'll stop coming to you
And then when you're hurt
Because I don't tell you things
What will you want me to say?
I doubt I'll have anything to say
And I'm sorry
I just wish you would listen when I said
Life isn't easy

Lynette Yorgey


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