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An Ode To Diet Coke

Oh, caffeinated
Diet Coke,
I give these great praises to thee!
When I can stay up
Though I'm tired enough
To find humor in late-night TV.

Your taste is truly
Something else
Entirely, oh my friend.
My favorite food,
Though you rot at my teeth
And may give me cancer or bends

I write you odes
Though I have but few hours
To finish my style critique
And study for that test
In Euro tomorrow
Over all Chapter the Seventeenth.

Oh no, I may
Have homework in Deutsch
That you just reminded me of --
How wonderful are you,
Oh Diet Coke,
My ginseng, my Prozac, my love!

Oh, Coca-Cola
The most mem'rable of
All the things e'er to shoot out my nose
(That fateful day
In chess club)
Though it hurt like goodness knows.

Ok, so maybe the
Cooked spring pea
Was just about as memorable.
But this isn't an ode
To cooked spring peas --
Its an ode to Diet Coke.

The hours trudge on,
But it matters not,
For soon 'twill be early, not late --
But you cannot rest,
My delectable chum,
As we approach your expiration date.

So I'll drink of the wine
I'm allowed before
I turn twenty-one in this state.
I just want you to know,
Oh Coke, Diet Coke,
That I think you're real, real great.

Elyse Yeager


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