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Most Alike

Atmosphere of life
We breathe it
In the same capacity
We are most alike

Conceived with a deck
We carry cards of choice
And we play, ill-equipped
To win any hand
Fumbling in our diaper crawl dance
Others play by proxy

We learn
We watch
We estimate our chances and take a step

Captive to the game
The deck is loaded with aces
And jokers
And in our gamble
We lose more than we win
We breathe in
We are most alike

Seeing what was lost
In my unaware choice
I stopped playing
And watched

Visions of long lost loves
And tired retirement
Heaped heavy on the ante

Chipped energy of life
Spent on useless time
And cloned response

Coveting my deck
Choice and desire
Close to my chest
I play

And I watch you play
We breathe in
We are most alike

J. Vance


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