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Mary Mistress of Dreams

Mary mistress of dreams
Claimed a fame of wild extremes
She bled the rose
And chased the wind
Told him she'd come round again
And when the last turn she encountered
He left without a trace
He left without her face

mary died a bit that spring
Gave the ocean back his ring
Her sorrow crashed upon the shore
A million more a million more
Tears like water to the desert
Came and went
Time to history spent
Holding veiling vagueness trace
Left their trails upon her face

She spins around in fallen ardor
Her twister circumvents and wanders
Crossing paths with men of heart
She'll break apart
Break apart
And scrambled pieces in the chaos
Come to fall upon a stone
She'll rise again
Mary queen of rocks
She'll leave without a trace
She'll take away his face

Mary mistress of dreams
Has been heard among the screams
Of moments weak with memory
Hides in dark so none can see
All the anguish she's encountered
Made her petals ice
Winds of price
Dream a dream of strength differed
Challenges occured
And on she rides forever willing
A trace of traces
Face to faces
Mary mistress of her dream

J. Vance


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