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Fun With Form Studies

Five beats in this line,
Or do they go in this one?
Man, these things are hard.

Okay, I get it.
This line should have seven beats.
Now I'm on a roll.

Five five five five five
Seven seven seven sev --
Darn. That doesn't fit.

Here I sit, writing.
I wonder what happens if I change the metre.
Oh frick. I wrecked it.

On this line, I begin a haiku squared, with the typical quantity of
        beats per line times itself.
I begin to get the impression that forty-nine beats is a whole lot to
        shove into one sentence -- I mean, a haiku is really supposed to
        express one complete thought -- and only one -- per line.
I'm fairly sure, having completed this exercise, that poetry and
        mathematics shouldn't mix.

Whew. Back to normal.
Hey, that was two sentences!

Now for a short one.
I'll have to cut a line, though.

Big words can be fun.

Here's an old stand-by:
"Henry Ford is standing there."
Dave will like that line.

I guess I'm finished.
I didn't really say much.
I wasted your time!

ROFL I 4M 733t!!!

Brandon Sumner


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