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The Story of a Hero

Dreams inspired,
Hopes bolstered,
Courageousness exhorted,
Brashness nurtured,
Skills developed,
Talents trained,
Visions impressed,
Will solidified,
Patience learned,
Persistence necessitated,
Greatness desired,
Heroism sought,
Adventures unfolded,
Discoveries found,
Danger uncovered,
Perils unleashed,
Battles fought,
Victories won,
Riddles unraveled,
Secrets exposed,
Treasures revealed,
Rewards reaped,
Glory earned,
Attention paid,
Praises bestowed,
Fame cherished,
Ego enlarged,
Importance assumed,
Arrogance nourished,
Superiority boasted,
Accomplishments flaunted,
Credibility tested,
Audience tired,
Fans disillusioned,
Acclaim regressed,
Memories faded,
Icon forgotten,
Hero aged,
Lessons taught,
Humility born,
Dreams reinstated,
Hope regenerated,
Maturity reached,
Peace attained.

Samuel Stoddard


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