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I Need To Go To Bed

At my computer I show no fear.
Totally above reproach.
But the light is gone, the night is here,
And morning does fast encroach.

Yet no desire do I have
To sleep, though I feel dead.
And though it hurts me to admit,
I need to go to bed.

Logged off Chat an hour ago.
Said I was turning in.
They all were nice. They all were kind,
Each said "Goodnight Friend"

But here I sit, typing away,
Making rhymes instead.
Without a doubt I know for sure,
I need to go to bed.

How can it be I am this way...
Stubborn to the core?
Knowing what is right and what I need,
Yet continue to ignore.

I stop to yawn and scratch my nose.
My eyes are Blood Shot Red.
Still onward I must push these keys...
I need to go to bed.

The only poem I've sat to write,
Hope it turns out grand.
It won't win me any prize
But will forever stand.

And now that I have writ'n all this
That was swimming in my head.
I think at last I'll bow to nod,
And finally go to bed.

Buddy Stacy


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