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Rosy Revelations

The lovely rose,
Fine it grows,
Beautiful to the eyes and nose,

Diana's Flower,
It is protected in every hour,
By all a goddess' power,

Unknown hands it does not accept,
Evil they are is its precept,
Thus many have wept,

The vicious spikes to protect the law,
The rose so beautiful that none saw,
No creature dares draw it to its maw,

The rose is safe but has no love,
It believes itself completely above,
Ne'er will it dare to move,

Now the rose begins to fade away,
Less beautiful everyday,
Yet here it does stay,

Soon regret fills its heart,
But its far too late to start,
It dies part by part,

A life for naught,
Long the rose sought,
But with nothing could its happiness be bought,

Its deeds are weighed,
And a decision made,
The rose removed with a spade,

To the trash the rose conveyed,
Where horrid things do invade,
And never remembered, because it stayed.

         Soon regret fills its heart,
But its ne'er too late to start,
In love it does take part,

A life saved,
The deeds are weighed,
And a decision made,

Again the rose is great,
Happy with its mate,
And glad to lose its hate,

Though it had long to wait,
It had good fate,
And is forever remembered in this state.

Noel Smith


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