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a long time ago
in a nearby land
lived a young boy
and his old man

they said we've got to
get away from here
so they jumped in the trailer
with all their gear

and set straight off
for another home
where they'd wind up
no one knows.

one day they found
a nice little spot
on the corner of Route 4
in a parking lot.

and there they stayed
until one day
the manager of McDonald's
said go away!

we can't have
people like you 'round here
and so off they were
again with their gear.

another place was
soon in sight
and there they parked
for the night

this place was nice
this place was cool
it's the parking lot
of a middle school

well the principal yelled
this is so crazy
you can't live life
being this lazy

so the man and son
packed up again
and set their sights
on some home land

once they found
the perfect place
they needed some cement
to help take shape

and so once more
they left their home
and took a trip
to the nearby lowe's.

cement they needed
and cement they got
enough to build
a new parking lot

some started to think
these two were insane
by building a lot,
what could they gain?

but those two knew
it was a lot they'd need
and other lots
it soon would breed

and so, the first trailor park
was founded right here
by an old man, his son,
and all their gear.

Amy Richter


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