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I'm Hungry

In a minute
I'll be so glad.
Lunch is waiting
To be had.
I'm so hungry;
I need food.
For a meal,
I'm in the mood.
I can't wait
One minute more.
I'm going to head
To the door.
Try and stop me.
See what happens.
If you step,
We'll be scrappin'.
Then I'll have
Your lunch too,
And what the heck,
Are you going to do?
I suppose you'll starve
Or maybe just whine.
It doesn't matter;
Your lunch is mine.
Sulk and cry
But not near me;
I'll be as happy
As happy can be.
But maybe I'll share,
Since you got hurt;
I don't want to be
Known as a jerk.
I just want to eat,
And that I'll do,
And if you're nice,
I'll share your lunch with you.

Amy Richter


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