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Constructing a Man

You didn't know I was watching
Or maybe, you knew I was
Maybe you knew I was learning
What and why a parent does
Maybe your actions were consciously
Meant to teach and to instruct
Maybe the lessons you gave to me
Were only matters of dumb luck
The probable truth that comes to me:
A combining of the two
Constructing a Man as he should be
And the two of you being you.

Father, Daddy, Mister, Dad
You've proven and you have shown
There's more to being truly Man
Than pure testosterone
Your singing and your playing
On your beat-up old guitar
Your reading and relayin
Of the plays of Bill the Bard
Striving to the best at work
And loving what you do
Responsible, loyal, never shirk
The duties that come to you
And you might not know I've seen it
You might not know I saw
The several times you protected us
With maleness in the raw
Daring, gentle, brave, and true
Tender, strong, and glad
I hope I'm half the father as you
I love you truly, Dad.

Mother, Mommy, Mom, and Ma'am
I want it truly known
How much of me is what I am
From lessons that you've shown
Taking time for quietness
And sitting down to learn
Working through the times of stress
With patience, calm, and nerve
Knowledge how some human touch
Can cure most any ache
Listening carefully does so much
To help avoid mistake
When you have to do it
Stop your griping and just do
Be quick to give a compliment
In critique be fair but true
And with a gentle, gentle hand
Bring comfort, joy, and smile
To nature, life, and fellowman
To spouse and home and child.

It's the two of you together
Who made me what I am
A father who can mother
And a halfway decent man
Hopefully I am giving mine
Some lessons of my own
Passing on right down the line
The truths that you have shown
I love you Linda, I love you Roy
So much to you I owe
You've shown me love and life and joy
And showed me the way to grow.



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